Kalianget Warm Water Bath

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Wonosobo Regency which is surrounded by mountains has not only plenty of activities to get your heart race, but it is also a perfect place for kicking back. Dipping into the natural hot spring area, you can soothe sore muscles after a long period of working or hiking or camping, even better, cure skin disease. One of the best hot spring in Wonosobo is Kalianget.

Kalianget is pretty well-known for local people since it is cradled by towering mountain and lush forest that makes it an inspiring place to bring the whole family. In 2013, there were 483.428 visitors who came to Kalianget. However, in 2014, visitors even came in greater number, 600.959 people. It is such a promising number for an investment project.

Situated only 3 km from downtown Wonosobo, Kalianget is becoming this regency’s leading tourist attraction, especially for those who come for relaxing. On the other hand, Kalianget needs more investors to develop several approved amenities such as restaurant, hotel and resort, spa and sport center to make it the best hot spring spot for all. As the result, those facilities will surely make Kalianget a perfect retreat for visitors and an excellent choice for investors.

Estimated Investment Value:
IDR 149.453.100.