Alam Indah Beach of Tegal City

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Alam Indah Beach is one of top tourist destinations in Tegal City. People who visit the city, which is well known as a marine city, will not miss this calm wavy beach. The strategic location of this 17 hectare beach in the northern of Pantura (Jakarta-Semarang) route makes it very accessible.

The strategic location of the beach also allows the visitors to easily find nearest accommodation from the budget ones to top hotels that can facilitate them while they are in Tegal City. Therefore, this beach is suitable to be developed as a good facilitated Alam Indah Beach recreational park without ignoring the environment balance. This development also answers the strategic role response of Tegal City towards the surrounding areas.

The development plan consists of:

  1. Education and Management Zone: Management building, marine monument, art performance building, mosque, oceanography building, traffic park, youth park and open food court, and art gallery
  2. Recreational Zone: Waterpark and swimming pool, café, restaurant, food court, water rickshaw and fishing arena, children playground, retail and cottage, swimming pool and pavilion, motocross arena, and elderly park.
  3. Ecology Zone: Mini forest, outbound arena, campsite, polder, and jogging track. d. Supporting Zone: ATM center, parking area, dressing room, and souvenir shop.

Financial Aspect (Investment Value Estimation and Investment Return):

  1. Value of Investment: IDR 14.2 billions
  2. IRR: 16. 901% c. B/C Ratio: 1.76

Contact Person:

Dra. Titi Sulistyowati
The Head of Planning, Climate Development and Investment Promotion
DPM PTSP of Tegal City
Phone: 081802857883