One of the autonomous cities in the province of Central Java. This city was once the birthplace of the Indonesian Marine Corps under the name of Korps Marinir, as recorded by the Fourth Naval Armada Base of Indonesian Navy in Tegal, on November 15, 1945. The city of Tegal is bordered by Brebes Regency in the west, the Java Sea in the north, and Tegal Regency in the south and the east. Tegal's
anniversary on is April 12, 1580.


The written history of the city of Tegal has always been inseparable from the role of Ki Gede Sebayu: a nobleman and a brother of Raden Benowo, the ruler of Kesultanan Pajang. Ki Gede Sebayu went to the west of Kesultanan Pajang and reached the banks of the Gung river. He then was intrigued and intended to increase agricultural yields upon seeing the fertility of the land, together with the population that lived on the riverbank, by expanding the land further away from the riverbank and create irrigations. The area, in which mostly consist of water-drawn- up land called Tegal, was then named Tegal. Furthermore, Ki Gede Sebayu’s achievement were not only in boosting the agriculture, but also as a religious scholar in guiding the citizens of Tegal instilling a sense of faith in the God Almighty. The citizens then appointed him as the leader and community role model because of his merit to the community. The appointment of Ki Gede Sebayu as the ruler of Tegal was then officially inaugurated by the Regent of Pemalang with the tittle of Juru Demung or Demang in a traditional celebration after enjoying the harvest of rice and other agricultural products. The celebration was held precisely on the full moon on 15 of sapar month on the year of 988 Ehe which coincides with Friday kliwon 12 April 1580. The celebration also act to further develops the teaching of Islamic culture which still affect the lives of the people of Tegal until now. The Day, date and year of Ki Gede Sebayu appointed as Juru Demung or Demang for Tegal was then defined as the birthday of the City of Tegal under the Regional Regulation No.5 of 1988 dated July 28, 1988.
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Tegal City, from its geographical location, is a very strategic liaison of cross-national and regional economic path in Pantura (Pantai Utara or the North Coast of Java) region that is from west to east (Jakarta-Tegal- Semarang-Surabaya) with the middle and south region of Java Island (Jakarta-Tegal- Purwokerto-Yogyakarta- Surabaya) and vice versa. Tegal is situated on the north coast road (Pantura) of Central Java, located 165 km west of Semarang City or 329 km east of Jakarta. On the map of The Central java Province, Tegal City is located in the Western Region, with the farthest spans north to south 6.7 km and west to east 9.7 Km, lies between 109 ° 08 '- 109 ° 10' E and 6 ° 50 '- 6 ° 53' S, with an area of ​​39.68 km² or approximately 3,968 ha. With very low rainfall, the average temperature (temperature) of this city reaches 35 degrees Celsius.

Tegal City Administration is divided into 4 Subdistricts and 27 Sub-districts, with administrative boundaries as follows:
• North by the Java Sea.
• East and South adjacent to the Tegal Regency.
• West to the Brebes Regency
The landmass of ​​Tegal City is relatively small, only about 0.11% of the total area of ​​Central Java Province. Previously, based on the Government Regulation Number 7 of 1986 concerning the change of Boundary of City Region of Tegal Level II and Regency of Tegal Level II, Tegal City Area was 38,50 Km² or 3,850 Hectares wide. The area of Tegal City has then changed since March 23, 2007 with the enactment of Government Regulation Number 22 Year 2007 regarding the Change of Tegal City Border Area with Brebes Regency of Central Java Province in Kaligangsa River Estuary, and becomes 39.68 Km² or 3.968 Hectares.
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The population of Tegal City in 2013 is 244,998 inhabitants. With an area of ​​39.68 km2, the population density per square kilometer is 6.173 people per km2. http://dppad.jatengprov.go.id/up3ad-kota- tegal /


From the state apparatus side, the number of Civil Servants (PNS) in the Tegal Regency from year to year tends to decrease. In 2011 the number amounted to 13,211 people, in 2012 the number rose to 12,607 people, in 2013 the number fell to 12,389 people, and the number fell again in 2014 to 11,981 people. This decline is due to the retirement of employees and the moratorium policy (temporary postponement) of CPNS procurement for the Tegal regency since 2011. Based from the class rank qualification in 2015, most of the Civil Servants are in Rank Group IV (30.39%), the next is Rank Group III (38,41%), Rank Group II (20.08%) and Group I (2.10%). As the number of civil servants has declined, the number of structural and functional officials in general has also decreased. Starting from 2011 to 2015, the number of structural officials in a row is as follows: 838, 901, 893, 887 and 847 people. Similarly, for the same time period also occurs in the number of functional officials, namely each of: 12,724; 12.320; 11,714; 11,286 and 11,094 people.


One of the Main Performance Indicators (IKU) in the field of education is the level of community participation and it has shown in the recorded School Enrollment Rate where at the Basic Education level in the last 5 (five) years (2011-2015) the figure are as follows: 109.20%, 110,30%, 113.80%, 93.80% and 115.8%; while the level of secondary education showed a more encouraging performance, as recorded in 2011-2015 data that is 47.10%, 52.40%, 78.50%, 56.7% and -increased quite dramatically in 2015- to 106.4%. In addition to the school enrollment figures, we can also see Rough Participation Rate (Angka Partisipasi Kasar or APK) and Net Participation Rate (Angka Partisipasi Murni or APM). APK at elementary school / MI level from 2011-2015 always looks up, as in the following data record that is:
109,20%; 107.90%; 109.71%; 109.40% and 109.41%. APK at junior high school /
MTs seen fluctuate, respectively are: 95,14%; 95.48%; 94.28%; 94.28% and
90.65%. Meanwhile, the APM at elementary / MI level from 2011 to 2015 data
showed a positive trend, namely: 97,38%; 97.11%; 96.64%; 94.64% and 99.7%
respectively. APM at junior high school / MTs are quite good, namely: 89.45%;
89.48%; 88.95; 88.95% and 90.42%.



Various awards came from the hard work of the government of the Tegal City together with the entire community of the city. These awards, among others, are Anugerah Citra Kartini Award 2015, Batik Award from Yayasan Batik Indonesia, Two Markets Achieved Marketed Measure Market Award, First Winner Farmer Group of Achievers at Central Java Provincial Level on behalf of Duck Livestock Farming Group (KTTI) "Berkah Abadi" in Pesurungan Lor Village, Margadana Sub-district, City of Human Rights in 2014 given in 2015. Furthermore, Tegal City became the First Winner of Adibhakti Mina Bahari in the category of regional government supporting the development of human resources (SDM), maritime and fisheries (KP), Anubhawa Sasana Kelurahan, the Small Medium Enterprises Acceleration Award (IUMK) and Wahana Tata Nugraha (WTN) award in 2015 for medium-traffic category. In 2016, another achievement is also achieved by the Tegal City Government for support in smart activities with Daihatsu in Tegal City of PT. Astra Daihatsu.



from the marine fishery industry sector, shipbuilding industry, metal industry, shuttlecock industry, trade, culinary tour, and batik tulis. Meanwhile, five development venues will be exhibited, such as duck breeding, development of processed fish, development of Alam Indah Nature Reserve (PAI), Peman Bayeman tourism development, and development of Dukuh Kajongan tourism site.

http://jateng.tribunnews.com/2015/03/06/potensi-wisata- dan-industri- kota-tegal-akan-dipamerkan- di-yogyakarta


Pantai Alam Indah

The North of the Tegal City is bordered by the Java Sea and this has made the area to have many beaches that can become refreshing tourist attractions. The most recommended beach to visit is Pantai Alam Indah. This beach is situated in a strategic location: close to the center of the Tegal City and not too far from the Pantura line so that any vehicle can access this beach up until the edge. Pantai Alam Indah is known for its charming and dazzling twilight atmosphere. No wonder if the beach has become the destination for travelers whose hobby is to hunt sunset photos. In addition, there are also various activities to choose from to enjoy the beautiful nature of Pantai Alam Indah, such as traveling around the beach by boat, swimming, riding horses, playing in the waterboom park, and much more.

Rita Park

There is a relatively new playground right in the city of Tegal that must be visited, which is Rita Park. The playground was officially open in 2013 and located at Jl. Kol Sugiono No.155. The playground itself is situated as a part of Rita Supermall complex which made it easy to find. This playground offers 21 kind of exciting rides. Resembling "Dufan Mini", Rita Park is ready to accommodate all the recreational needs of all age, from children to adults. This playground implements separate admission tickets and ride tickets. Anyone interested can visit the Rita Park at their operating hours every day starting at 9:30 am to 21:00 pm.


License or permit forms can be asked and submitted through the office of Tegal City Integrated Licensing Services Office addressed on Jl. Ki Gede Sebayu No.3 Tegal with phone no: 0283356101. More information about the types of permissions to be filed is available at: http://simoss-bp2t.tegalkota.go.id/perizinanonline/web/page/44
/formulir permohonan (link error)


The Development of Pantai Alam Indah Recreation Park in Tegal City
Pantai Alam Indah (abbreviated as PAI) is a beach tourism object located in Tegal City, Central Java. With a length of about 500 meters, Pantai Alam Indah offers the natural beauty of the calm Java Sea whilst equipped with several supporting facilities. However, with the increasing enthusiasm of local and the surrounding area visitor for a tour, the more Pantai Alam Indah needed new development. Therefore, this is an investment opportunity for the private sector to be involved in the development.

Project Scope

The development of Alam Alam Indah recreational facilities includes:
• Waterboom development / water tourism (3 Ha of land avaiable)
• Children's playground (5.000m2 of land available)
• Construction of 35 kiosks (souvenir kiosks, cafeterias, merchant kiosks)
Museum of Oceanography
Cottages / hotel

Jl. Sangir Kelurahan Mintaragen Tegal Timur District and located in the North Coast
of Java (Pantura).
Financial Aspect
Estimated investment value: Rp 140,220,000,000

Supporting Infrastructure

  • Sufficient road access
  • Adequate water supply network

Contact Person
Bajari, SE
Head of The Board of Integrated Licensing Service of Tegal City
(Integrated Service Licensing Agency / BPPT Tegal City)
Tel / Fax: +62283 356101
Mobile: +628112970114
Email: simoss-bp2t.tegalkota.go.id / bajari.2805@gmail.com
Website: bp2t@tegalkota.go.id

Integrated Duck Farming in Tegal City
Tegal City is one of the main suppliers of duck eggs to the surrounding area.
However, the market demand still has not been fulfilled due to the limited production capacity. Despite that, diversification of duck products could give increased value for farmers.
Project Scope
Duck farming using intensification and extensification patterns.


Pesurungan Lor, Margadana Sub-district
Financial Aspect
Estimated Value of Investment: Rp 2,070,375,399
Payback Period: 4 years 1 month

Supporting Infrastructure
Adequate road access
Contact Person : Bajari, SE
Head of The Board of Integrated Licensing Service of Tegal City
(Integrated Licensing Services Agency / BPPT Tegal City)
Jl. Ki Gede Sebayu No. 3 Tegal City 52123
Tel / Fax: +62283 356101
Mobile: +628112970114
Email: simoss-bp2t.tegalkota.go.id / bajari.2805@gmail.com
Website: bp2t@tegalkota.go.id