The forerunner of the birth of Salatiga was written in a large andesitic stone sized 170cm long, 160cm wide with a 5 meter circumference line which called Plumpungan inscription. Based on the inscription located in Plumpungan Hamlet, Kauman Kidul Village, Sidorejo Sub district, Salatiga has existed since the year 750 AD which was considered as Perdikan territory. Historian who is also an Epigraph expert, J. G. de Casparis, transferred the full text which was further refined by Prof. Dr. R. Ng Poerbatjaraka.


Plumpungan inscription contains the legal provisions on the status of perdikan (a tax free village) or swatantra land which given for an area that was named Hampra, now known as Salatiga. The granting status was a privilege given by a king at that time and not every region could be made as a Perdikan region.


Perdikan means an area within a certain kingdom that is exempt from any tax payment or tribute due to its particular peculiarities. The basis of the provision of the area was given to the village or region that really merits a king.


The inscription, estimated date was on Friday, July 24, 750 AD, was written by a Citraleka, now known as a writer or poet, aided by a number of priests or rishis and written in ancient Javanese: "Srir Astu Swasti Prajabyah" meaning " May you be happy! Congratulate all the People. "


Historians assumed that the Hampra people had rendered to service for King Bhanu who was a great king and very concerned about his people. He was in charge in Salatiga, Semarang regency, Ambarawa, and Boyolali regency. The stipulation in the inscription is the starting point for the establishment of Hampra area to be a Perdikan area officially and noted in the Plumpungan inscription. On the basis of the inscription notes and strengthened by Regional Regulation No. 15 of 1995 then Salatiga City's Anniversary was set on July 24.


Colonial era

In the Dutch colonial era, the limits and status of Salatiga City was quite clear, based on Staatblad 1917 No. 266 From July 1, 1917, the Stood Gemente Salatiga was founded, comprising 8 villages. Because it is supported by the geographical factors which the air is cool and its location is very strategic, then Salatiga well known for its beauty in the Dutch colonial period.


Independence era

The city of Salatiga is a Staat Gemente founded based on Staatblad 1923 No. 393 which was subsequently revoked by Law No. 17/1995 concerning on the Establishment of Small Areas within the Environment of East Java, Central Java and West Java. In terms of administrative aspect of the government associated with the physical condition and function of the Municipality of the Level II Region, the existence of Salatiga Level II Area with an area of ​​17.82 km, 75% of the area is considered as ineffective.


Based on the mutual consciousness and driven by the need of development area for the development of the region, the idea of ​​establishing an expansion of the region was initiated in 1983. It was realized in 1992 with the issuance of Government Regulation No. 69/1992 which set the area of ​​Salatiga to 5,898 Ha with 4 districts consisting of 22 urban villages.


Based on the mandate of Law No. 22 of 1999 concerning on Regional Government, Municipality of Salatiga Level II changed its name into Salatiga City. 



Salatiga is astronomically located between: 1100.27'.56,81 "- 1100.32'.4,64" BT 0070.17 '. - 0070.17'.23 "LS



Located in the basin area of Mount Merbabu foot among other small mountains include: Gajah Mungkur, Telomoyo, and Payung Rong.



The area of Salatiga is surrounded by the regency of Semarang.



The area of Salatiga City is adjacent to the Regency of Semarang, as the boundaries of its territory are as follows:

· To the North:

Pabelan Sub district: Pabelan Village, Pejaten Village

Tuntang Sub district: Kesongo Village, Watu Agung Village

· To the East:

Pabelan Sub strict: Ujung-ujung Village, Sukoharjo Village, Glawan Village

Tengaran Sub district: Bener Village, Tegalwaton Village, Nyamat Village

· To the South:

Getasan Sub district: Sumogawe Village, Samirono Village, Jetak Village

Tengaran Sub district: Patemon Village, Karang Duren Village

· To the West:

Tuntang Sub district: Candirejo Village, Jombor Village, Sraten Village, Gedangan Village

Getasan Sub district: Polobogo Village



By 2014 the population of Salatiga Regency was 181,300 and by 2015 the population in Salatiga regency has increased to 183,820 people, consisting of 89,930 male and 93,890 female populations.



For the minimum wage applied in Salatiga District in 2015 was Rp. 1.287 million and then increased to Rp. 1.450.953 in 2016.



By 2015, the number of Elementary Schools in Salatiga Regency was 95 and 13 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (Islamic Primary Schools). For Junior High School there are 23 schools and 5 Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Islamic Junior High School0. For senior high school and vocational high school there were 27, while for Madrasah Aliyah (Islamic High School) there were 2 schools.



1. Achievements

In 2015, Salatiga City Government has won dozens of achievements. They are as follows:

· The top 5 in the Indonesian Smart City Index in the category of small towns with up to 200,000 inhabitants,

· Nugraha Award Dharma Pustaloka Services 2015 from the National Library for the category of regional leaders who play an active role in library development and reading culture,

· The Children's Worthy City Award for Pratama category 2015,

· Adipura Certificate 2015,

· The Regional Head award in committing to the development of MSMEs (UMKM),

· 2nd Most Tolerant City Award in Indonesia,

· The Most Healthy City Award in Indonesia,

· The main prize of Governor of Central Java in the category of the regent and the mayor's support in the development of cooperatives and MSME (UMKM)


2. Potential

Geographically Salatiga is located at the foot of Mount Merbabu and other small mountains such as Gajah Mungkur and Telomoyo. The condition makes Salatiga city has a beautiful panorama and cool air, which is very conducive to the development of tourism activities. Salatiga is also located at Joglosemar junction point (Jogja - Solo - Semarang). This natural condition and position make Salatiga as a shelter for people who will go to other places in Central Java for years.


Reviewed from the regional economic structure of Salatiga city economy during 1998-2004, there has been a change of economic structure due to the rate of economic growth. Contribution of Gross Regional Domestic Product / PDRB of Salatiga is more dominant in secondary and tertiary sector than primary sector (agriculture, mining, and excavation). In tertiary sector consisting of trading, hotel and restaurant sector, transportation and communications sector, financial institution sector, leasing and business services and other services, they are the biggest contributor around 27% to total GRDP in the last five years (SDA, 2000-2004). This shows that Salatiga has the potential to be a city of tourism and commerce.



Source : Department of Transportation, Communication, Culture and Tourism of Salatiga City (December 2011)




Investment Sequence

PMDN Registration (Domestic Investment):

PMA Registration (Foreign Investment):

BPPT & PM Salatiga is located at Jl. Pemuda No. 2 Salatiga 50711 Tel: (0298) 325639 Email:, Website:



1. Development of Salatiga Tourist Park (TWS) in Salatiga

a. Background

Improving the quality of tourism in the city of Salatiga, it will not only make the city of Salatiga as a transit of tourism but at the same time also make the city as an exclusive tour destination in Central Java.


b. Project Scope

The development of a leading tourist park in Salatiga City along with the supporting facilities.


c. Location

Jl. Patimura Kelurahan Bugel Sidorejo Sub district

Total land area 5.8 Ha

Status of Land owned by Salatiga City Government


d. Financial Aspect

Estimated investment value: Rp. 70 Billion

NPV: Rp. 153,226,383,960.08

IRR: 18.18%


e. Supporting Infrastructure

Access road, electric power, drinking water, close to the city center ± 2 km


f. Contact Person

Petrus Mas Sentot, SH

Head of Investment Division

Board of Integrated Licensing Services and Investment of Salatiga City (BPPT & PM Kota Salatiga)

Address : Jl. Pemuda No. 2 Salatiga

Tel / Fax : +62298 325639

Mobile : +6281 729 1971

Email : /

Geographical Location