It is located in the middle of Magelang Regency. Formerly, Magelang is the capital of Magelang Regency before it got the policy to take care of its own self-government as a new city. Magelang city has a strategic position, because it is located in the main route of Semarang - Yogyakarta.
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To retrace the history of Magelang City, the sources of three steles used are Poh, Gilikan and Mantyasih. All three steles were written on a plate of copper. Poh and Mantyasih steles were written in Hindu Mataram era during the reign of King Rake Watukura Balitung (898-910 AD), in these steles touted the existence of Mantyasih village and Glangglang village. Mantyasih is now known as Meteseh, while Glangglang known as Magelang. In mantyasih stele contains the mention of the name of King Rake Watukura Balitung, as well as 829 Çaka bulan Çaitra tanggal 11 Paro-Gelap Paringkelan Tungle, Pasaran Umanis hari Senais Sçara atau Sabtu, which means Saturday Legi, 11 April 907. In this stele is also mentioned that the village Mantyasih was made by the king as tax-free village which was led by a patih (similar to Prime Minister nowadays). Also mentioned the Mount Susundara and Wukir Sumbing now are known as Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.
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Magelang city is located in the middle of Magelang Regency. The city of Magelang has a strategic position because it is located in the main route of Semarang-Yogyakarta. Magelang is 75 km south of Semarang or 43 km north of Yogyakarta.
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The population in Magelang is 120.440 inhabitants in 2014 and in 2015 the number of the people increased to 120.790 inhabitants, which consisted of 59.510 male and 61.280 female residents. 


Total population aged 15 years and over (the age of the workforce) in 2014 in Magelang was 64.382 inhabitants while in 2015 for those aged 15 years and over (labor force) were 61.060 inhabitants. For the minimum wage applied in the city of Magelang in 2015 was Rp. 1.211.000 and then increased to Rp. 1,341,000 in 2016.


By 2015, there were 75 elementary schools and 2 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in Magelang. There were 56 Junior High School and 2 Madrasah Tsanawiyah. There were 35 high schools and vocational high schools and 2 Madrasah Aliyah.


1. Achievements

  1. 1st Rank of a Smart City as a Small City with 200,000 people in 2015
  2. 1st Rank of a Smart City in the category of Economy in 2015
  3. 2nd Rank for Innovation of Urban Management (IMP) in the category of Street Vendor Regulation in 2015
  4. 2nd Rank for Innovation of Urban Management (IMP) in the category of Waste Bank Management
  5. National Population Award in an effort to control the rate of population growth


  1. Kyai Langgeng Park
    Kyai Langgeng Park is located in Magelang, Central Java. It is located on Jalan Cempaka to be exact. It is the only park in Magelang with a total area of ​​28 hectares, located about 1 kilometer from downtown to the south.

    This tourist park has hundreds of rare plant collections that can be utilized as research objects, Dinosaur statues in original size, various game facilities, and the latest one is the aircraft prototype. This tourist attraction is located about 19 Kilometers from Borobudur Temple, 35 kilometers from Kopeng or 50 Kilometer from Prambanan Temple and 42 kilometer from Jogja Kembali Monument. At Taman Kyai Langgeng, especially on holidays, it can be found a variety of local arts and music attractions, in addition to the game arena for children and families.

    For further information, visit Next to this Park is Progo Asri Rafting facility, reserved for those who love adventure by tracing the Progo River. Throughout 9 kilometers, you will enjoy the rural atmosphere on the banks of the Progo River while enjoying the rapids. This adventure can be enjoyed every day from 08.00 A.M. to 02.00 P.M.; it depends on the condition of the water in the Progo River. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide and other facilities such as meals, insurance and transport to go back to the departure post.

  2. Mount Tidar
    Mount Tidar is a hill located in the southern part of Magelang and lies within the Military Academy complex, and is known as the Nail of Java. It can also be found some tombs and some petilasan (remains of the past) from the ancestors of Magelang people; one of them is the remains of Sheikh Subakir of Persia’s, an Islamic propagator in Central Java. Mount Tidar is not very high, but the trees here serve as the lungs of the city so the air of Magelang City is always fresh, from here you can also enjoy the view of Magelang City from the top of the Military Academy Monument. Mount Tidar is located in Kelurahan Magersari, subdistrict of South Magelang. To visit it, you can go from two different streets, it is either from the Bird Market or through the side Military Academy by a public transportation line 6, 8, 10; from Soekarno-Hatta Terminal and get off at the crossroad of Bird Market, and if you go through the side of Military Academy you can continue the trip by a public transportation line 2 after getting off at the Shopping Center. Now, a shortcut has been built to reach Mount Tidar, it is behind the old terminal.


  1. Borobudur International Golf & Country Club
    Borobudur International Golf & Country Club (Borobudur Golf) is an 18 hole golf course located at Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 1 Magelang, next to the Military Academy. Borobudur Golf was established in 2007 under the management of PT Jababeka Tbk. Borobudur Golf presents a field with the best and challenging green. Some of the existing facilities at Borobudur Golf are a Driving Range and a Restaurant serving a traditional Indonesian menu, a western menu and an Asian menu (Japanese & Korean cuisine).

  2. Magelang City Square
    Town Square serves as the center of Magelang City because of its strategic location in the middle of the city. Lots of urban transport vehicles with various paths go through it. From this square, one can reach the Chinatown or Jalan Pemuda. The Chinatown area is one of the central trading areas in Magelang city, which has existed since the Dutch colonial government.

    There are a lot of shopping centers and other public places around the place. In the Eastern part, it can be found Matahariand Gardena Department Stores as well as the former Magelang & Tidar Theater which had been closed since 11thNovember 2011. To the north, Trio Plaza and BCA Bank stand majestically. Besides the two buildings, on the northern side, there is also GPIB (Protestant Church in Western Indonesia). While in the south, a Magelang Police Office, Jateng Bank and Magelang temple are located. While in the west or often called as the western square, there is a largest mosque in Magelang, this place is often called Kauman. In the North of Kauman, there is a Catholic church and a presbytery. The square of Magelang, apart from being a center of public activity, is also seen as a symbol of religious harmony, with the existence of several religious facilities for the religion of Islam, Catholics, Christian and Konhuchu.

    While in the northwest, there is a water tower which is a Dutch heritage. The hight of the tower is 15 m. And now this tower is used by Water Utilites (PDAM) of Magelang as a water reservoir which is able to fulfill the requirement of water for the citizen of Magelang city. The water tower, with its unique colonial design, is now used as one of the land marks of Magelang City.

    The square is now open to the public for the citizens of Magelang. It is usually used for the people to have a rest in the afternoons, a venue for band concerts or for state big day ceremonies. But this square used to be not opened for the public and only used for certain ceremonies. In 2002, the Magelang City Government compiled the Master Plan of the Magelang City Square, which was then used as the basis for the renovation of the square. The basic concept of the master plan is to make the square as a center of public activity for the citizens of the city.


Investment activities have a dominant role in the economic development of a region. In addition to providing multiplier effects on regional revenue growth, investment can also boost the purchasing power of people where the investments are planted, create jobs, and reduce unemployment. In the end, the whole series of capital investment activities will have an impact on improving the ability of citizens and local private companies to make tax payments on local government cash.

To realize the investment activity in Magelang, Magelang Municipality Government establishes Investment Office (KPM) of Magelang City based on Regional Regulation of City of Magelang Number 5/2008 concerning Position Arrangement and Main Duty of Organization of Regional Technical Institution, Integrated Service and Licensing Agency, and Municipal Police. 

The main task of KPM in Magelang is to implement the preparation and to execute the regional policies in the capital investment, by implementing the following functions: 

  1. Investment Promotion
    Potential Promotion & Investment Opportunity of Magelang City (Investment Promotion) is the main task and function of Promotion and Information Section of KPM of Magelang City to inform or offer a potential investment and / or investment opportunity in Magelang City with the purpose of attracting potential investors (investors) to make investment in Magelang City.

    The main purposes of establishing Investment Promotion are as follows:

  • Consolidate the profits generated during the regional image development phase;

  • Identify the investor’s needs and show that their needs can be met;

  • Make a positive impact in the decision-making process through provision of information and professional service quality;

  • Maintain dialogue with the prospective investors on personal decision making and or managerial level;

  • Produce and lead to new investments to meet the needs of prospective projects.

  • Investment promotion is done by conducting various activities to provide structural assurance to the prospective investors through print media (leaflets, brochures, CDs), through internet media (investment website) and through investment fairs both inside and out of the region. By doing these such activities, it is expected for the potential investors to be confident (by themselves) to invest their capital in the city of Magelang.

  1. Investment Co-operation

    The existence of investment cooperation is an expected follow-up after the investment promotion process is done. This activity is the main task and function of KPM Cooperation Section of Magelang City.

    The undertaken cooperation activities include:
    • The cooperation between government and business world;

    • To facilitate the development of cooperation between micro small enterprises (UMK) and large medium enterprises (UMB);

    • The cooperation among local governments.

  2. Control of Investment Activities
    Control of investment activities is an effort to evaluate investment activities. This activity is the main task and function of Section for Assessment and Facilitation of KPM in Magelang. The objective is to achieve a smooth and a precise implementation of investment, as well as more accurate data collection of investment realization.

    Therefore, the controlling activities of capital investment are more emphasized to:

    • Obtain data on the realization of investment development as well as information on problems and obstacles faced by the company;

    • Guide and facilitate the resolution of problems and obstacles faced by the company;

    • Supervise the implementation of investment project activities in accordance with applicable provisions.

    The activity of controlling of investment activity is done through Media of Investment Activity Report (LKPM) which is made periodically by every company which have obtained Investment Registration, Permit Investment Principle, or Investment Approval.



1. Development of Business Center and Community Recreation (One Stop Entertainment) in Ex-Magelang Theater Area of ​​Magelang City

  1. Background
    Ex-Magelang Theater Area is one of the very strategic areas in the city of Magelang, because it is located in the center of the city, to the east of the square / the center of Magelang City to be exact. Magelang Theater was once one of the city's admiration cinemas, which competed with four other theaters (Tidar, Rahayu, Bayeman, and Krishna). The four theaters are now closed and the buildings have been converted. In the middle of 90s, the prestige of the cinema began to dim because of the large number of pirated movies on the black market. Automatically the number of viewers decreased, so the revenue of the cinema practically experienced the same thing. Therefore, to see the potential of this area, the Magelang Municipality Government intends to develop this area into a center of commercial activity, aimed at community recreation activities, so as to strengthen the area as the center of the city.

  2. Project Scope
    Proposed type of property: 3 Star Hotel, Mall, Cinema, and Conference Hall.

  3. Location
    In City Center, east of Magelang Town Square on Achmad Yani Street. It is located in City Region Section (BWK) I. The area is 4,750 m2, the land is owned by Magelang City Government.

  4. Financial Aspect
    Estimated Value of Investment: Rp 152,521,637,000
    Payback period: 2 years 10 months 23 days
    IRR: 17.51%

  5. Investment Scheme
    Cooperated with Magelang Municipality Government

  6. Contact Person
    Tartib Karyadi, SE, MM
    Head of Promotion and Information Sub Division
    Investment Office of Magelang City (Investment Office / KPM Kota Magelang)
    Address  : Jl. P. Diponegoro No.11 Kota Magelang
    Tel / Fax : +62293 362507
    Mobile : +6282133215645
    Email : /

2. Development of Education Center, Trade and Recreation in Sidotopo Area of Magelang City

  1. Background
    Sidotopo area is one of strategic areas of Magelang city from the point of interest of economic growth. The Sidotopo area is located at the entrance of Magelang City from the north and lies along the main route connecting the two provincial city centers of Yogyakarta and Semarang. Sidotopo region has a function of the development of trade and services areas and education. But it is more focused on the development of trade and service areas. This is because the land area of the education area is owned by the educational institution. The location of Sidotopo is a very strategic area which is an opportunity for the city of Magelang to be able to develop this area by inviting the public interest to invest.

  2. Project Scope
    Proposed Type of Property:
    Trading center and Recreation Center

  3. Location
    Investment location is in North City / City Entrance Gate. The accessibility area is on sideroad of Yogya-Semarang primary artery road, included in Section of Planning Area (BWP) V. The area is wide enough, reaching 10 Ha; has geographical proximity to the surrounding areas that first developed; has a relatively sloping topography, where the slope of the land ranges between 15-30% (undulating) that is still included in the development tolerance; has a good ground water availability.

  4. Financial Aspect
    Estimated value of investment: Rp 276,944,434,000
    Payback period: 6 years 10 months
    IRR: 14.15%

  5. Investment Scheme
    Cooperation with Magelang Municipality Government

  6. Contact Person
    Tartib Karyadi, SE, MM
    Head of Promotion and Information Sub Division
    Investment Office of Magelang City (Investment Office / KPM Kota Magelang)
    Address : Jl. P. Diponegoro No.11 Kota Magelang
    Tel / Fax : +62293 362507
    Mobile : +6282133215645
    Email : /


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