Demak Regency

Demak Regency is one of the regencies in Central Java province and Demak is the capital. The regency is bordered by the Java Sea in the west, Jepara Regency in the north, Kudus Regency in the east, Grobogan regency in the southeast, Semarang and Semarang Regency in the west. March 28th, 1503 was designated as the anniversary of Demak district. This is due to the coronation of Raden Patah as the Sultan of Bintoro which occured on 12th Rabiulawal (3rd month of Arabic calendar) or 12th Maulud 1425 Saka.



Demak Regency geographically lies in the coordinates of 6043 "26" 7009 "43" South Latitude and 110027 "58" -110048 "47" East Longitude. The farthest distance from west to east is 49 km and from north to south is along 41 km, with an area of 89.743 Ha. Most of Demak Regency areas are rice fields covering 51.558 ha (57.45%) and the rest is dry land. Dry land in Demak Regency consists of 14, 19% moor lands/ gardens 15, 72% is used as buildings and yards, and 11, 53% is used as fishponds. The limit areas of ​​Demak regency are:

  • North : Jepara Regency and Java Sea
  • East : Kudus Regency and Grobogan Regency
  • South : Semarang Regency and Grobogan Regency
  • West : Semarang Municipality

The mileages from the capital of Demak Regency to the surrounding regencies /cities are as follows:

  • Demak - Semarang = 26 km
  • Demak – Kudus = 25 km
  • Demak - Jepara = 45 km
  • Demak – Purwodadi = 38 km

Source: kependudukan/


Administratively, the area of Demak Regency is 89,743 ha and divided into 14 districts. The 14 sub-districts are Demak, Wonosalam, Karang Tengah, Bonang, Wedung, Mijen, Karang Anyar, Gajah, Dempet, Guntur, Sayung, Mranggen, Karang Awen and Kebon Agung. Of the 14 sub-districts are divided into a number of 249 villages and urban villages consisting of 243 villages and 6 urban villages. The central government is in Demak Subdistrict.


According to the Departmen of Public Works, Housing, Mining and Energy (DPUPPE) of Demak Regency, there have been 44 to 121 rainy days with rainfall between 534 mm to 3,331 mm. Most of rainy days occurred in Guntur while the highest rainfall occurred in Banyumeneng Region.



The population of Demak Regency in 2011-2015 is as follows:
Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Demak Regency

The rate of population growth in Demak Regency in 2014-2015 is 0.21 Percent. For sex ratio between men and women in Jepara regency in 2015 is 0,98 with population density 1,246 per km2. Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Central Java in Figures 2016


The number of manpower working in Jepara Regency in 2011-2015 is as follows: Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Demak Regency The number of unemployed in Demak Regency in 2015 reached 34,200 with the total of labor force is 568,501 inhabitants while the number of non-labor force was 257,352 inhabitants in 2015. For District Minimum Wage (DMW) in Demak Regency in 2015 was Rp. 1.535.5000,00. In 2016, DMW in Kabupaten Demak was Rp 1.745.000,00.

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Central Java in Figures 2016



The achievements of Kabupaten Demak are as follows:

a. 2nd Winner of Investment Award 2016 as the Best Regency / City in One Stop Service Provider (PTSP).


Demak Regency has potential in several sectors. One of them is in agricultural sector which is as the producer of Demak Starfruit in Betokan, Demak Guava in Betokan, Dempet Melon in Dempet, Small Red Chilli in Dempet, Pingpong Longan in Trengguli, Itoh Longan in Mlatiharjo, Watermelon in Cabean, and Shallot in Pasir. In the fishery sector, there are Catfish Fishery in Trengguli and Milkfish and Shrimp Fishery in Surodadi. In the industrial sector, Demak Regency has Embroidered Hijab Industrial in Jungsemi, Krupuk (Crackers) Industry in Ngaluran, Tempe (Fermented Soybean) Industry in Bandungrejo, and Salt Industry in Wedung.



Morosari Marine Tourism
Morosari Marine Tourism or also known as WBM is a tourism place located near in Demak Regency, near the city of Semarang. WBM (Morosari Marine Tourism) is a tourism spot that presents panoramic beaches and water sports, as well as culinary. WBM has a serious problem that is so less support from the Government of Demak Regency in an effort to develop the facilities and infrastructure needed to menegella WBM. WBM (Morosari Marine Tourism) is located in the Bedono Village, District of Sayung, Demak Regency. In this place also provides a mangrove forest tour by a boat that is located not far from Morosari Beach. Other existing facilities in this WBM are Jetski Yamaha Wave Runner 700 cc with 3 person capacity, Banana Boat with 5 person capacity, Dragon Boat with 20 person capacity, Speed ​​Boat with 8 person capacity, Whale/ Duck/ Seal Water Bikes, Double Kayak Boats and Single Canoe Boats.



In order to encourage economic growth through increased investment, one of the efforts that can be done is to give greater attention to the role of micro, small and medium enterprises and the implementation of simplification of integrated licensing services. The simplification of integrated licensing services is the effort to increase the time, procedure and cost of licensing and non-licensing in accordance with the Presidential Instruction No. 3/2006 concerning the Policy Package for Improvement of the Investment Climate.

The implementation of One Stop Integrated Licensing Services is defined as the activity of licensing and non-licensing which the management process starts from the stage of application up to the document issuance stage which is able to be done in one place. The purpose of One Stop Integrated Services is to improve the quality of public services and provide wider access to the public for public services. The target of One Stop Integrated Service is the realization of fast, cheap, easy, transparent, secure and affordable public services as well as increasing the rights of the public to public services.

In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 27/2009 concerning One Stop Integrated Service in the Field of Capital Investment, through the Regional Regulation of Demak Regency No. 6/2010 concerning Organization and Working Procedure of Other Institutions of Demak Regency is upgraded its institution into an Integrated Licensing Services Agency and Capital Investment (BPPTPM).

Licensing Mechanism in BPPTPM Demak District is as follows:
Board of Integrated Licensing Service and Capital Investment of Demak Regency
Alamat : Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.08 Demak.
Phone/ Fax: +62291 681011 / +62291 681644
Mobile: +6281325665816
Email: /


1. Development of Morosari Beach as a Tourism Object in Demak Regency

a. Background
Morosari Beach is the flagship sector of tourism in Demak Regency. A beach that has a distinction than the others for it can be found a famous grave of Syeh Mudzakir’s in the middle of the sea and a wonderful conservation of mangrove forest. Currently, there are a sea food restaurant with a capacity of 75 persons, a management office and counter water sport building, a mosque, a bale bengong (gazebo building), and a parking lot.

b. Project Scope
The addition of recreational rides and supporting facilities

c. Location
Bedono Village, Sayung Subdistrict

d. Financial Aspect
Estimated investment value: 20 Billion IDR

e. Supporting Infrastructure
A fine entry location

f. Contact Person
Sri Warti, S.Sos,
Head of Cooperation and Promotion Sub Division Board of Integrated Licensing Service and Capital Investment of Demak Regency
Alamat : Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.08 Demak.
Phone / Fax: +62291 681011 / +62291 681644
Mobile: +6281325665816.
Email: /

2. Sayung Industrial Area

a. Background
In Demak Regency, especially in Sayung Subdistrict has the potential to develop a strategic industrial zone, because it is located in The North Coast Road (Indonesian: Jalur Pantai Utara (Jalur Pantura)) which is the main line of goods and services distribution, from Jakarta - Semarang - Surabaya or vice versa. This area is also near to the city of Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province, in which the Port of Tanjung Emas is located. Thus, the process of distribution of industrial raw materials or finished goods products can run quickly and smoothly.

b. Location
It is located in Wonokerto Village, Karangtengah Subdistrict. It is such a strategic location because it is located on the roadside of Semarang - Surabaya highway. It has 2 entrance lane areas, each 6 meters is built from the entrance to the north of the industrial area, and the secondary road also has 2 lanes, each of them has 6 meter width. As the main access point from west to east of the industrial area, the 6 meter width road is used to reach each of the industrial plot.

c. Acceptability
  • 30 minutes to Ahmad Yani International Airport
  • 25 minutes to Tanjung Emas Port Semarang
  • 30 minutes to downtown Semarang
d. Located
On the roadside of the national highway (the North Coast Road of Semarang - Surabaya)

e. Available Lots

  • Small lot : 2,000 m2
  • Medium lot : 5,000 m2
  • Large lot : 10,000-15,000 m2
  • Small Warehouse : 500 m2
  • Medium Warehouse : 1,000 m2
  • Large Warehouse : 2,000 m2
f. Supporting Facilities
Water, Electricity, Telephone, 3R (Release, Reduce, and Recycle), WWTP (WasteWater Treatment Plant), Urban Open Space, Fire Extinguisher.
g. Land Benefits
  • Located in Demak Regency across eastern of Semarang city
  • Land prices are still relatively cheap
  • Easy access
  • Complete facilities and infrastructure
h. Contact Person
Board of Integrated Licensing Service and Capital Investment of Demak Regency
Alamat : Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.08 Demak
Tel / Fax : +62291 681011 / +62291 681644
Mobile : +6281325665816
Email : /

3. Milkfish Product Development in Bonang Subdistrict

a. Background
Milkfish is a type of fish that can be used for various processed foods, for example, from the milkfish meat, it can be used to make Fried Milkfish Meatball, Breaded Milkfish, Milkfish Steak, Milkfish Floss, Milkfish Roulade, Milkfish Roll, Boneless Milkfish, Pressure-cooked Milkfish (Bandeng Presto), Smoked Milkfish, Stuffed Milkfish (Otak-otak Bandeng) and Milkfish Sweet Soup (Pindang Bandeng). While for processed milkfish skin, it can be processed in the form of crispy milkfish skin, and milkfish skin crackers. For the burrs and bones of milkfish, they can be used to make Milkfish Bone Flour and Milkfish Bones Snack and the bowels of milkfish for Fish Silage Flour.

b. Location
Purworejo Village, Bonang Subdistrict

c. Land Area
The free space land that can be used is 400 ha

d. Investment Plan
Investment plan of Rp. 200 Million

e. Milkfish Producing Area

  • Wedung Subdistrict : 23.809.307 kg / year
  • Bonang Subdistrict : 15.308.224 kg / year
  • Karangtengah Subdistrict : 7.309.490 kg / year
  • Sayung Subdistrict : 1.146.728 kg / year f.
f. Contact Person
Board of Integrated Licensing Service and Capital Investment of Demak Regency
Address : Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.08 Demak
Tel / Fax: +62291 681011 / +62291 681644
Mobile: +6281325665816
Email: /

Geographical Location