Jateng Park

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Jateng Park is planned to be located in Wana Wisata Penggaron, Susukan Village, East Ungaran District, Semarang Regency. The land status is a Productive Forest Area (500 hectares) managed by Perhutani.

Infrastructure Support

The location of Wana Wisata Penggaron is easily accessible from various cities in Central Java by land transportation. Wana Wisata Penggaron can also be accessed by train/plane/cruises, and connected by land transportation. The nearest airports from Penggaron are Ahmad Yani Airport (Semarang), Adi Soemarmo Airport (Surakarta), Adi Sucipto Airport (Yogyakarta), in which both domestic and international flights are available daily. There are also 27 cruises berth every year in Tanjung Emas Seaport Semarang. Interchange access at Km 19.9 of Semarang – Bawen Toll Road will also be built soon by Central Java Provincial Government. The main gate of Jateng Park is directly connected to the Interchange at Km 19.9.

Market Potential

This investment opportunity is worth considering since the population of Central Java Province is 35 million as a local potential market. In addition, the visit of domestic tourists in 2016 was 33 million people and the visit of foreign tourists was 500 thousand people which make it reasonable enough to target more tourists in the upcoming years. Jateng Park will also be located not far from the construction scheme of some industrial parks equipped with housing facilities. It can also be completed with other tourist destination since it is close to cultural and heritage tourism (Borobudur Temple and Gedongsongo Temple).

Development Concept

Some blocks are planned to allow tourists to do a lot of fun activities to keep them busy all day, such as theme park, cultural park, water park, eco-safari, eco-lodge and rest area. These blocks are offered to be developed by investor.

Main Gate and Retention Lake
The main gate functions as the node and orientation center for the whole region. It has an interesting natural scenery and visitors can see the whole area because it is located in the middle and on the highest point of the area.

Restaurant and Souvenir Shop
The building is situated overlooking an interesting view of the Penggaron Valley. The height and position of the building is arranged in order to optimize the visible view of the restaurant building & souvenir shop.

Eco Safari Park
Eco Safari Park combines natural elements such as river and shade of existing trees that are preserved as an element of the natural habitat formation, as well as the foundation in the placement of educational tourism to support facilities such as canopy trail, museum buildings, animal preservation facilities, and safari routes.

Cultural Park
Several elements of the complex apply Javanese traditional architectural style, for example “joglo” for gazebo and expo building/pavilion of regency/city. Meanwhile, the Cultural Terrace as an open space among expo buildings is a multifunctional space that can be used for playing traditional games or practicing and discussing cultural activities.

The main gate of Cultural Park adapts the temple as a gate. From the gate, visitors can get into the Regency and City cultural pavilions.

Pavilions of 29 Districts and 6 Cities are distributed on a hill land, each of which has a Cultural Terrace in the form of a yard for training/workshop of local cultural activities. In addition, there is Semi Outdoor Amphitheater that is used for joint performances for certain events, such as Culture Week, Dance Festival, etc.

Theme Park
The Theme Park combines the appeal of modern game rides with elements and local folk stories / legends of the region, as well as natural elements such as river flow and the shade of existing trees that are maintained as elements of the outdoor space. The existing forest is expected to be maintained on areas covered by pavement, so it is not necessary for cutting down trees as it can also provide natural shade.

Eco Lodge
Eco-Lodge integrates local architecture of Central Java, namely “Joglo” as the traditional Javanese style. Variety of ornaments, building ornaments, and building interiors apply traditional Javanese style and also natural materials. The existing landscape is expected to be preserved, as well as the heritage elements of the Central Java landscape, such as paddy fields. Natural elements such as rocks, wood, river and ponds are integrated in the design.

Water Park
The Water Park is built on a relatively flat area and has the potential to store water. It utilizes the existing contour as a high point of water slide placement. Existing rice fields near the river are maintained and used as part of the eco pool rides and lazy river pool. Elements of the building implement Central Java’s traditional architectural style, for example “joglo” building for gazebo and the waterslide tower resembling a temple.

The Water Park combines elements of an artificial swimming pool with natural elements such as river flow and rice field steps as elements of the formation of open space around the water playground.

Financial Aspect
The development of this project is offered to investor with estimated investment value US$ 158 Million (IDR 2.1 Trillion). The cooperation period will be 35 years, in BOT cooperation between investor and PT. Penggaron Sarana Semesta (affiliated company between Central Java Provincial Government owned company and Perhutani as Wana Wisata Penggaron manager).


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