s Inflation during The Second Quarter of 2018

Inflation during The Second Quarter of 2018

Central Java’s inflation during the second quarter of 2018 which stood at 2,72% (yoy) indicated a drop from 3,39% (yoy) in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, quarterly speaking, Central Java 0,69% (qtq) inflation was also noted as a fall from the first quarter of 2018 at 1,24% (qtq).

However, this condition was still lower than the national and Java’s overall inflation which was noted at 3,12% (yoy) and 2,90% (yoy), respectively. In addition, compared to other provinces in Java, Central Java had the third lowest inflation following East Java (2,67% (yoy)) and Yogyakarta (2,69% (yoy)). The decrease itself was thought to be due to the fact that the price of goods and service, housing, water, electricity, gas, fuel, and food declined. This deceleration was also lower than the same quarter in the previous year.

Observing each region’s inflation growth, the deceleration during the quarter occured in all regions in Central Java. The most significant deceleration took place in Cilacap from the previously 3,82% (yoy) to 2,77% (yoy). Meanwhile, Semarang which stood at the spotlight experienced the smallest deceleration at around 2,82% (yoy) from the prior quarter at 3.45% (yoy).