Inflasi Oktober 2017

  1. There was an inflation as much as 0,01% with 130,09 Consumer Price Index (CPI) in October 2017. From 82 cities with CPI, 44 experienced inflations and 38 had deflations. The highest inflation noted in Tual at 1,05% with 155,24 CPI and the lowest was in Surakarta and Cilegon at 0.01% each by having 124,65 and 136,75 CPI. By contrast, the highest deflation as much as 1,31% occurred in Palu with 130,33 CPI while the lowest was at Palopo with 0,01% with 127,47 CPI.
  2. Inflation was attributable to rising prices as indicated by the rise of some expenditure group indexes, namely: processed food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco by 0.28 percent; housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel by 0.18 percent; clothing group by 0.18 percent; health group by 0.21 percent; and the education, recreation and sports group by 0.16 percent. While the expenditure group experienced a decline in index, namely: foodstuffs by 0.45 percent and the transport, communication, and service groups finance 0.13 percent.
  3. The inflation rate for calendar year (January-October) 2017 is 2.67 percent and the year-on- year inflation rate (October 2017 to October 2016) is 3.58 percent.
  4. The core component in October 2017 experienced inflation of 0.17 percent. The inflation rate of core components for the calendar year (January-October) 2017 experienced inflation of 2.68 percent and the year-on- year core component inflation rate (October 2017 to October 2016) of 3.07 percent.
  5. In Central Java there was a deflation of 0.06 percent with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 128.05. Deflation in Central Java in two cities of SBH, while four other SBH cities are experiencing inflation. Deflation in Semarang was 0.15 percent with CPI of 127.88 and Kudus at 0.09 percent with CPI of 135.39. The inflation occurring in Tegal City is 0.21 percent with CPI 126.46; followed Purwokerto City by 0.09 percent; and the lowest deflation in Kota Surakarta by 0.01 percent.