Borobudur as the World Cultural Masterpiece

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Located on the island of Java, the magnificent Borobudur temple is the world’s largest Buddhist monument, an ancient site widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. The temple sits majestically on a hilltop overlooking lush green fields and distant hills in Magelang Regency, which is 100 km southwest of Semarang, 86 km to the west of Surakarta, and 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta. It covers an enormous area, measuring 132x132 meters, and has 2,673 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The architecture and stonework of this temple have no equal in the artistic value, so-called as the world cultural masterpiece. In national scale, the government has set the area of Borobudur and its surrounding areas as a National Tourism Strategic Area (Kawasan Strategis Pariwisata Nasional/KSPN). For developing Borobudur, the government established the Borobudur Authority Agency and offers various investment opportunities in 3 (three) areas, namely Core Area, Supporting Area, and Priority Area.

Mbudur Walk Forestry Resort

Bedah Menoreh

Wanurejo Sightseeing & Agroutourism

  • Progo Riverside Walk
  • Tourist Information Center (TIC)
  • Pawon Temple


Development of the Core Area

1. Development of Tourism Information Center (TIC)

a. Background Tourism Information Center (TIC) at KSPN Borobudur and its surroundings is an area that provides information about KSPN Borobudur. The current condition, TIC area consists of TIC building and hall with functions that are still needed to be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to revitalize the physical and non-physical areas of TIC.

b. Scope of Work

  • Construction of the welcome gate.
  • Development of new TIC by adding an interactive museum featuring information on all tourist destinations in KSPN Borobudur and its trademark in the form of multi media. It will also have some rooms to display the documentary movies of the tourist destinations.
  • Revitalization of the existing hall as a gallery building for a small scale expo.
  • Revitalization of the existing TIC building as an expo center with a larger scale than the gallery.
  • Development of parking areas and souvenir shops.

c. Location Borobudur District

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 30.60 Billion

5 4 3

2 1 Siteplan Perspective

  1. Welcome Gate
  2. New TIC Destinasi Wisata
  3. Gallery Building
  4. Expo Center
  5. Parking Area and Souvenir Shops

2. Development of Pawon Temple

a. Background Pawon temple is currently located in the middle of residential buildings. From the direction of Mungkid, its location can be reached before Borobudur. Pawon Temple is filled by settlements, souvenir kiosks, cafes, and other buildings on the national strategic streets. Therefore, the arrangement of buildings around the temple should be done so that Pawon Temple can appear magnificent as a worship building should be respected by the surrounding community.

b. Scope of Work

  • Revitalization of the parking area and its surroundings
  • Development of trade and services areas
  • Revitalization of the buildings around the temple

c. Location Brojonalan Village, Borobudur District

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 6.14 Billion

Site plan Site plan Existing condition of Pawon Temple

Praying Room & Restroom Front Look

Development of Pawon Temple

Sitting group area Souvenir & Gift Shop

3. Development of Tourism Street Mbudur Walk (Pramudyawardhani Street)

a. Background

Pramudyawardhani Street is a road connecting Borobudur market and terminal with Borobudur Temple. The street has now grown as a location for trading activities and services. However, the condition of the area is less organized, filled with rows of residential buildings that have evolved into business sites, with irregular shapes and appearance. The absence of pedestrian lanes, almost non-existent shade vegetation, and other activities certainly do not support tourism.

b. Scope of Work

  • Revitalization of the area and pedestrian path
  • Arrangement of the buildings
  • Development of activities that support pedestrian paths such as souvenir kiosks, Indonesian cuisine restaurant, and business offices to support tourism business activities.
  • Development of tourism facilities and infrastructure

c. Location Pramudyawardhani Street, Borobudur District (4.13 Ha)

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 24.67 Billion

Development of the Supporting Area

1. Development of Wanurejo Sightseeing and Agrotourism

a. Background

  • There are many tourists who are interested in agricultural activities and sunset sightseeing of Borobudur Temple in Wanurejo; Existing condition of Mbudur Walk

Development of Mbudur Walk

  • The existence of environmental tourism attraction (rice fields, gardens and rural areas) and natural tourist attraction (landscape towards Menoreh Hills, Elo River and Progo River);
  • The existence of the activities of alms of the earth culture which is done after the harvest time;
  • There are many creative crafts produced by the local community;
  • Supporting facilities are available (homestay, Indonesian cuisine restaurants, telephone and wifi network, public transportation and car / motorbike / bicycle / horse-drawn carriage).

b. Scope of Work

  • Development of agro tourism with planting and harvesting activities involving tourists
  • Development of retention basin and preservation of earth alms activities
  • Development of the viewing post to view the sunset of Borobudur and view Menoreh Mountains
  • Development of paragliding landings
  • Development of outdoor space and cultural attractions
  • Development of trade and service areas such as café and souvenir shop

c. Location Borobudur District

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 66.47 Billion

Siteplan Paragliding landings

Sunset viewing tower Sunset viewing tower

Gazebo Café and souvenir shop

Outdoor space and cultural attractions Retention basin

2. Development of Bedah Menoreh, especially in Tourist Attractions (Daya Tarik Wisata/DTW) of Watu Putih, Bukit Nganguk and Bukit Gorndopuro Wangi)

a. Background

Bedah Menoreh is one of the alternative access roads that will be the route from Kulonprogo Airport to Borobudur. The total length travelled is around 63 km. Bedah Menoreh is expected to be a tourist area supporting Borobudur Temple and its surroundings as well as to break up tourists to not only visit Borobudur Temple. Bedah Menoreh is a hill area with great scenery and has great prospect to be developed.

b. Scope of Work

  • Development of glass bridge in Watu Putih
  • Development of cable cars, cafes, gazebos and viewing tower in Bukit Nganguk
  • Development of paragliding activities in Bukit Gondopuro Wangi

c. Location Watu Putih, Bukit Nganguk and Bukit Gorndopuro Wangi area (3.46 Ha) in Majaksing Village, Borobudur District (about 3.5 Km south of Borobudur Temple).

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 1.92 Trillion

Site plan of Watu Putih – Bukit Nganguk – Bukit Gondopuro Wangi Site plan of Watu Putih – Bukit Nganguk

Perspective of Watu Putih – Bukit Nganguk

Glass bridge in Watu Putih Cable car in Bukit Nganguk Kereta Gantung Bukit Nganguk

Cable car station in Bukit Nganguk Viewing tower in Bukit Nganguk

Paragliding landings in Bukit Gondopuro Wangi

Paragliding landings in Bukit Gondopuro Wangi

Club house Gazebo

Parking area Management Office and Ticket Counter

Treetops Adventure & Outbound Treetops Adventure & Outbound Development of the Priority Area

1. Development of Progo Riverside Walk

a. Background

Progo River which is located close to Pawon Temple has an important history as the Ancient River and can be used as a supporting tourist destination of Pawon Temple.

b. Scope of Work

  • Development of jogging tracks and parks along Progo Riverside.
  • Development of plaza, café and souvenir shop at 12 points of Progo Riverside.
  • Development of a resort, lighting system, toilet and garbage facilities at some points of Progo Riverside overlooking the river.
  • Development of the amphitheater as a place of outdoor performances and placed opposite the Pawon Temple area so that Pawon Temple can be seen from the amphitheater.
  • Development of meditation area at the river delta precisely at the meeting point between Progo River and Elo River.

c. Location

Along the Progo River area with a long development area of ± 1,920.73 meters from the base of the Progo River bridge to the southern end of the Progo River delta and Elo River encounters with a total development plan of 38.28 ha. d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 82 Billion

Site plan of Progo Riverside Walk

Rope bridge and plaza Jogging tracks and parks

Praying room and restroom Plaza with café and souvenir shops

2. Development of a New Natural Forestry Resort

a. Background

  • The basis of the development of the new tourist resort areas in Perhutani's production forest is the need for more hotels and their international services, especially to accommodate foreign tourists, to be close to Borobudur temple, to be developed as a tourist area and away from the society so that the negative influence of foreign tourist culture can be suppressed.
  • In Bener District there are two natural forest locations, namely Plot 98 and Plot 99. Considering the physical condition of the land and the current accessibility, the development of forest resorts is planned to be developed in Plot 98.

b. Scope of Work

  • Development of welcome hall, performance center
  • Development of spiritual center, art galleries and museum
  • Development of community craft center
  • Development of boutique and simple resort, spa and beauty center, restaurant and café, and convention hall
  • Development of community center and green open space

c. Location Bener District, Purworejo Regency

d. Financial Aspect Estimated Investment Value: IDR 1.54 Trillion

Welcome hall Resort

Resort and gazebo Resort

Resort Resort

Camping ground Air balloon area

Air balloon area Camping ground

Treetops Adventure Area Ampitheater

Investment opportunities are worth considering because KSPN Borobudur is targeted to attract 5 million domestic tourists visit, 2 million foreign tourists visit and foreign exchange.

  • Tourism Competitiveness Index (WEF) **)
  • International Tourist Arrivals
  • Domestic Tourist Trips
  • Contribution to GDP
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Contribution to Employment

2014 TARGET 2019

  • 40 trillion
  • Rp 24 trillion
  • 500 thousand
  • 9 trillion
  • Rp 3 trillion
  • 300 thousand
  • #30
  • 2 million
  • 5 million
  • #70
  • 250 thousand
  • 3 million
  • Tourism Competitiveness Index (WEF) **)
  • International Tourist Arrivals)
  • Domestic Tourist Trips
  • Contribution to GDP
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Contribution to Employment

2014 TARGET 2019

  • 15%
  • US$ 20 billion
  • 13 million
  • 9 % (Rp. 946,09 T)
  • US$ 11 billion
  • 11 million
  • #30
  • 20 million
  • 275 million
  • #70
  • 9 million
  • 250 million


Popularity of KSPN Borobudur continues to increase, as evidenced by the increasing number of foreign tourists from 123,823 in 2013 to 275,821 in 2016 and the domestic tourists from 2,830,230 in 2012 to 3,605,387 in 2016. International Tourists Arrival to Borobudur (2013-2016)

Domestic Tourists Trip to Borobudur (2012-2016)

In addition, the government provides support related to the development of accessibility, including the construction of Kulon Progo Airport and the development of Ahmad Yani Airport and the planned construction of Bawen - Yogyakarta toll road and the cruise terminal at Tanjung Emas Port.

Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang

Tanjung Emas Seaport, Semarang

Development of Plot 98 and Plot 99 Access Road

Development of Access Road Kulon Progo Airport - Borobudur

Development of Kulon Progo Airport Development of Bawen – Yogya Toll Road

Revitalization and Development of Railway Infrastructure of Kulon Progo – Yogya – Solo – Semarang – Magelang – Yogya Railway

Adi Sumarmo Airport, Boyolali Semarang – Solo Toll Road Development of Yogya – Magelang Railway

Financial Aspect

  • Investment Value: IDR 3.77 T
  • IRR: 25.83%
  • Cooperation Scheme: Cooperation between Investor and Borobudur Authority Agency
  • Cooperation Period: 25 years
  • Target of Tourist Visit in 2026: 8.9 million


Mr. Prambudi Trajutrisno

Head of Development of Tourism Destination Division Youth, Sports, and Tourism Agency of Central Java Province

Jl. Ki Mangunsarkoro No. 12 Semarang

Telp: +6224 8419958 No. HP: +62 822 26611173