UMKM Gayeng

UMKM Gayeng (Central Java Creative MSMEs Expo) 2019 is an exhibition of export quality micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as an effort to improve production, regulatory / institutional and market. This activity is BI's efforts to reduce the current account deficit by strengthening exports from both major manufacturing commodities and MSMEs’ products.

Nevertheless, increasing exported products from MSMEs requires support from various elements as there are still many challenges in terms of production, regulation and market access.

Therefore, UMKM Gayeng is expected to be able to provide significant contribution in increasing MSMEs’ capacity and productivity through various workshops, to connect with export markets and to prepare MSMEs to challenge the digital world.

The products displayed in UMKM Gayeng MSMEs are carefully selected products curated by curators who are experts in handling export products to Europe and the United States. Hopefully, this event can introduce the general public, especially in Central Java, to know Central Java's MSMEs’ export quality products to grow a sense of pride for their own domestic products.

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