What is centraljavacorridor.org?
centraljavacorridor.org is a website page that at first with KERIS JATENG that works as coordinations forums for Central Java government and Bank Indonesia which aims to integrate the resource and the potencial of Central Java to empowering the professional invesment service and pro-active in order to attract the investors. Other than that, this website can also be used for increase the global competitive to achive the number of high economy growth.
Why you should visit centraljavacorridor.org?
This site can facilitate the search for information related to various potential investments in Central Java are categorized into 3 main pillars: trade, investment and tourism. KERIS JATENG presents information on various resources to open investment faucets in Central Java area.
Why KERIS JATENG Choose the 3 pillar system ?
KERIS JATENG chose to apply the 3 pillar system based on projects with great potential to increase economic growth. The 3 main pillars can also facilitate potential investors in choosing the investment field in accordance with their interests.
Who are the stakeholders who are being targeted KERIS JATENG?
ministries, fondations or institutions, companies, communities and other stakeholders.
How can we contact KERIS JATENG?
KERIS JATENG memberikan layanan dengan respons yang cepat dan mudah diakses. Anda dapat menghubungi kami sesuai dengan informasi yang tertera pada halaman utama pada bagian “kontak kami”
How many UMKM are there in Central Java?
Central Java has more than a thousand units of UMKM spread across 35 cities / regencies in Central Java.
How to get the product in KERIS JATENG?
To get the products that are in KERIS JATENG window, you can contact the related parties directly as stated in the profile of each UMKM.
What about the payment method?
For more information and to get the desired product, you can contact the parties directly to negotiate and transact. Most payments can be made via the transfer of atm.
Who verified the UMKM qualifications?
Each UMKM unit will be registered and verified by the "Department of Cooperatives and UKM " for small and micro enterprises, and "Trade Service" for middle-class businesses.
Who should be contacted if you want to enroll SMEs on KERIS JATENG site and how much does it cost?
First, each MSME unit must be registered with relevant government agencies at the city / district level and complete the requirements. Then, KERIS JATENG secretariat will update all data and information from the government agency periodically and present it on KERIS JATENG website.
What steps should be taken in order to invest in Central Java?
The procedure for investing in investment projects can be learned in the "procedures" sub menu on the investment menu KERIS JATEN.
What are the benefits of investing in Central Java?
Central Java has a wide range of potential resources that can boost economic growth such as an export-oriented, small and micro entrepreneurial business unit, very beautiful natural resources attracts tourists and infrastructure development that opens up promising investments. To stimulate investment in some areas, licensing procedures have been facilitated by the task force money can handle the problems associated with investment. This is supported by economic indicators that show promising results, low umr and various incentives that can be obtained (import tax exemption, tax reduction and tax abolition)
How can KERIS JATENG help investors?
1. KERIS JATENG provides information related to integrated investment in Central Java. This site describes the business potential in various sectors, the steps to be taken and the reasons for investing in Central Java. All such information will provide a positive perception about the investment climate in Central Java

2. KERIS JATENG can be a bridge liaison investors and government agencies concerned.
What is the favorite tourist destination in Central Java?
There are many well known tourist destinations in Central Java. The top 3 destinations which are Borobudur Temple, Karimun Jawa and Dieng Plateau.
How to invest in tourism in Central Java?
In order to invest in tourism registered in KERIS JATENG, you can contact the KERIS JATENG secretariat to get more information and contact the relevant government agencies.