KERIS JATENG is the coordination forums between local government, Bank Indonesia, and Trade Room and Industry (KADIN). It have the purpose to integrate the resource and the potency of Central Java in order to make the professional investment stronger and pro active in attempt to attract the investors, and increase the global competitive and achieve high economic growth.


  1. Prepare recommendations for the Governor for investment development advice

  2. As an integrated information and investment promotion center

  3. Open the market access for Central Java exports to other countries.

  4. Ensure consistent, reliable collection, storage and data processing for investors.

  5. Make the positive perception of investment in Central Java

Realization of Central Java that is Sovereign, Independent, dan competitive facing the globalization, to realize the economic growth that is sustainable.
  1. Encouraging the open market access for Central Java in order to export the trading in global market

    Become a one-stop service information and promotion center Investment, trade and tourism are integrated and reliable.

  2. Become a government adviser of Central Java in order to accelerate the development of investment, trade and tourism.

  3. Encouraging structural reform of Central Java in order to ignore competitiveness and maintain economic independence and development finance.

  4. Creating a conducive climate of pro investment and export, as well as promoting competitive tourism destinations