Dieng Culture Festival

Date Event : 05 Aug 2018 - 05 Aug 2018

Dieng Culture Festival is a typical annual event of Dieng Plateau featuring various arts and cultures with the Dieng's dreadlocks core. This ritual uniqueness is hair cutting as done the child’s request and must meet the child’s demand to be “ruwat”.

The event always suck thousands of visitors also enlivened with the jazz clouds event, lantern parties, fireworks, film festivals, etc. The festival is always crowded every year to famous the foreign countries moreover its targeted to attract 100,000 foreign and local tourists.

The uniqueness of this hair cutting ritual is done as the request of the child and must meet to the child’s demand to be “ruwat”. This event is also enlivened with jazz on clouds, lantern parties , fireworks, film festivals, etc.