Congratulations! Bureaucratic Reformation of Central Java Provincial Government Got the Best Grade

Central Java Provincial Government got the best assessment of the implementation of bureaucratic reform program implemented by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (Kemenpan-RB) in 2016.

Of the 34 provinces in Indonesia, only two of them received the best grade, they are the Provincial Government of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Central Java and DIY provincial government get BB grade. Meanwhile, the other 11 provinces received B grades, 14 provinces got CC, and seven provinces got the grade of C.

"This is the work and the willingness of the friends of the State Civil Servant (ASN) of the Provincial Government to prove it," said Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo on Sunday (7/23/2017).

Ganjar said there were a number of changes to the bureaucracy reform. The indications are, change response, easy service, cheap, fast, become a trigger to serve the community.

"We build a strong sense of integrity, it can be seen from completing the State Official Property Report (Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara - LHKPN), it ran smoothly from echelon II to IV, even the staff also fill in the report. Do not use official cars when going home, refuse gratuities and parcels, it is now no longer as a rule but has become a new tradition," he said.

Then, in case of a sting operation (OTT) by law enforcers in other areas, he continued, usually directly discussed by officials to avoid happening in Central Java. The culture of shame and do not disappoint the people began to be developed.

"Some awards are also proof that our bureaucracy reform is being recognized by other institutions, for example, we are twice awarded by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)." This is a new spirit, "he said.

Ganjar revealed, from his observations in Whatsapp group of provincial officials, they are very happy. In fact, in the following year, the target should get an A grade.

"Their motivation is high and they know all the ways to achieve it, with a focus on public services, finance, accountability and more, they can understand it and can do it as well," he said.

To be able to focus on financial credibility and accountability, he has requested that there should be a comparative study to the Ministry of Finance and the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). Remuneration system in the Ministry of Finance is expected to be applied in Central Java.

"If the service is easy, cheap, fast, then the people will be easy to access anything, fast permit, smooth road construction, if the finance is set maximally then there will be no corruption, the economy will be lifted," he said.

The assessment by Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB), done by measuring eight areas of bureaucratic reform changes. They are Mental Apparatus, Supervision, Accountability, Institutional, Management, HR Apparatus, Legislation and Public Service.

In addition, evaluation is also conducted on bureaucratic reform index and community response through field assessment. The community response was done to find out how big the people felt the changes and the implementation of Bureaucracy Reform in the agency.

"The results of that assessment we join so that the index appears Bureaucracy Reform," said the Secretary of Bureaucracy Reform Deputy, Accountability Apparatus and Supervision (RB Kunwas) Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB), Didid Noordiatmoko.

Assessment of scoring scores, is the weight for eight change areas by 60 percent, while bureaucratic reform index and public response by 40 percent. This evaluation is different from the evaluation of Government Institution Performance Accountability System (SAKIP), which is also done annually.

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