Central Java Provincial Government Pursue the Baturaden Tourism Object

Hundreds of tourism investors crowded the Indonesia Stock Exchange 4 event held in Semarang on Tuesday (7/11/2017) .The Central Java government continues to speed up the optimization tourism optimization region, which is included Baturaden development. (Andi Kaprabowo / KOMPAS.COM)

SEMARANG, KOMPAS.com - Central Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) continues to speed the number of attractions development. One priority tourist object to be developed is ​​Baturraden tourist object in Purwokerto, Banyumas regency, Central Java.

Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism Head (Disporapar) Central Java, Urip Sihabudin said, Baturaden tourist object is a top priority. It is expected it will become a famous tourist attraction to foreign countries like the four other areas in Central Java. "We want to immediately make Baturaden such as Karimunjawa, Borobudur, Dieng and Sangiran, where those places have already become foreign tourists destination," said Urip when met up in the Indonesia Stock Exchange 4 event in Semarang, Tuesday (7/11/2017).

Currently, he continued various processes have been done especially in polishing the location to be more interesting. Various jobs such as flower garden make up also beendone.

Urip further added, the foreign tourists number of visiting Central Java in 2016 amounted to 578.000. Majority of the foreign tourists are traveling in Borobudur area.

"Well, we want Baturraden become one of the tourist destinations become (jujugan) the foreign tourists destination like the Borobudur," he said.

Consequently he added, the tourist attractions development to become a tourism place , Baturaden international standard is still constrained due to the the access. Since there is no commercial airport connect to the other areas. " Moreover the location is far from Joglosemar (Jogja, Solo, Semarang) therefore is still quite difficult to attract foreign tourists," he explained.

It is admitted if the current Central Java Provincial Government is trying to make General Soedirman airport in Purbalingga as a commercial airport. If it is already done, the Central Java Provincial Government efforts to make ​​Baturaden area as a more global tourist attraction can be realized.

On the other hand, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo will continue to make General Soedirman Airport in Purbalingga as a commercial airport. This airport is an Wirasaba Air Field expansion owned by the Air Force.

Ganjar has invited the five districts regional heads; Purbalingga, Banjarnegara,Wonosobo, Banyumas, and Kebumen for cooperating to make the plan. Until early August 2017, Transportation Minister ,Budi Karya Sumadi confirmed that General Sudirman Airport will be built in October 2017. "The 2018 airport target is already in operation," he said.

In the early stages, General Sudirman Airport is targeted to have a runway length of 1,600 meters with a width of 30 meters. The final target of the runway length will be as long as 2,000 or 2,400 meters . Moreover , there is a 3,000 square meters terminal building area is enough to accommodate 500,000 people per year.

350 billion rupiahs unds will be used to build runways, taxiways and other facilities. Later, General Soedirman Airport will be able to accommodate by a ommercial airlines such varieties as Garuda, Lion and other national airlines. "I am indeed targeting the construction of General Sudirman new airport to improve the southern economy," said Ganjar.

According to him, the General Soedirman Airport existence is very important to develop Central Java especially Banyumas and surrounding areas. Not only from the economic sector, but also other sectors such as tourism will also be more advanced. "If this will really happen, I am sure will prosper the public especially from the economic and tourism sectors," he concluded.