Karetan Market, New Attractions Tour Around Semarang

A number of high school students from Bengkulu province who participated in the
Student Acknowledge Nusantara 2017 program visited Semarang Old Town area, Central Java, Monday (24/7).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG - The creativity Generation Pesona Indonesia idea
(GenPI) Central Java (Central Java) makes Semarang will have a new tourist destination which is economist and affordable for people. GenPI made a breakthrough in promoting and socializing tourism in Semarang by holding Karetan Market.

This folk market debuted on 5 November 2017 at Radja Pendapa Camp,
Segrumung Village, Meteseh, Boja District, Kendal. GenPI is a tourism community created by
Indonesian Republic Tourism Ministry. During this time, GenPI become upfront as well as tourism ambassador in the social media as continue to develop fresh ideas boost the myriad sale value of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

The chairman of Karetan Market Executing Committee, Mei Kristianti explained,
this event becomes a new breakthrough to develop the cheap and popular tourism for all levels of society. The products in Karetan Market will cost less than 10 thousand rupiahs.

"Now we are creating offline events with the Karetan Market concept, instead of using the social media power to drive the audience and create the new markets, since this event we did at Radja Pendapa," said Mei.

Lots attraction in Karetan Market later. Considering its cheap products, the event
is nuanced forests and native rural life. Mei guarantee, it’s very easy to access from
Semarang City, only about 45 minute trip. It’s free of charge visitors, since the event location is free.

The Karetan Market event takes natural forest and rural life from 5 am to 11.00
pm. Take place on the edge of a rubber forest belonging to PTPN, this folk market will provide a new experience to the visitors.

Satisfied shopping, visitors can do trekking with family in a distance of 3 km, 5 km
and 10 km in the middle of a beautiful green forest. "The concept of this market is more to traditional, past, complete with the attractions and children's games Jadul (ancient, Red)," said Mei.

Talking about the concept of the market, added May, this event invites the
community in the village to make traditional food, to be sold in traditional markets every Ahad.Selain as income, jajan that market will become an icon of Karetan Market.

  Shafigh Pahlevi Lontoh, Central Java Genpi Chairman promised will continue to
held this event every weekend. &"We want to create a new attraction! Create a new destination, feel the tempo doeloe(old sitation) in a market. We will do every Sunday morning, and always posted in social media,&" said Shafigh.

"Members of GenPi consist of youth people who have been actively promoting tourism in social media such as blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, path, etc.," he said.

For Don, each region has its own characteristics, which is different from other
regions. It is precisely diversity makes Genpi more creative in all regions. "Come on, we follow the event Pasar Karetan, 5 November 2017," he said.

  Tourism Minister (Menpar) Arief Yahya welcomed positively all thE GenPI initiatives. According him, the event was important, to test followers engagement of Genpi members in social media. "Also involve villagers to create the tourist attractions, moreover empower people to make tourist village homestay!" Said Arief.

He always think, GenPI as an independent of netizen community, should have two sides. Like coins, having the cultural value or creative value. In order to win the world tourism competition, Indonesia must master the digital world.

Source: Kemenpar