New Tourist Destinations And Highway Strengthened Central Java’s Tourism

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG - A number of new tourist objects and the development of Trans Java toll road have boosted Central Java’s tourism sector in December 2018.


This can be seen from the hotels’ occupancy rate in December 2018 which skyrocketed compared to the previous month. In fact, compared to December 2017, hotels’ occupancy rates were also much better.


This was revealed by the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Central Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI), Benk Mintosih, Thursday (1/3). He stated that before Christmas, the majority of hotel rooms had been occupied or full bookings.


"On 24 December 2018, it was difficult to find a hotel room," said the man who also served as the General Manager of Star Hotel Semarang to the Central Java Tribune.


Benk said, hotels’ occupancy rate in December 2018 reached 94 percent throughout Central Java. Specifically, in the city of Semarang, PHRI recorded hotel occupancy at 100 percent. He proudly mentioned that the condition was far better than last year which had only stood at 91 percent. "Last year, Central Java only reached an average of 91 percent. " he said.


Benk stated, several factors influencing the high occupancy rate were the toll road infrastructure that has connected Semarang with various regions. Not only that, he also added that the number of new tourist destinations in Central Java opened by the government made many tourists visit the province.


"The latest one is Saloka and the west canal bridge. They attract public interest, especially from Jakarta, West Java, and others to come to Semarang," he said. Although he did not mention the number of tourists who came to Central Java, Benk said that many tourists were also supported by the increasing number of hotels in Central Java. Especially, in Semarang, he added, there were four additional hotels which indicated the increasing number of tourists.


"Now, there are four new hotels in Semarang, but the occupancy rate is actually increasing. That is an indication of the increasing number of tourists," he explained. In order to increase the number of tourists, Benk hopes the government can make a good tourist calendar. "For example, a tourism event is made in low season period. It is suggested not to arrange a crowd gathering event during holidays or peak season to build continuous tourist visit" he said.


Although Central Java’s Central Bureau of Statistics declared the decline in the number of foreign tourists in December 2018, Benk said that it was covered by the increase in local tourists. "Local tourists actually increased. There is a probability that the drop in the number of foreign tourists was caused by other factors such as weather conditions or nature," he said. (*)