Fintech Pave The Way For “Millenials” To Invest In The Stock Market

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, JAKARTA - The Indonesian Central Securities Depository (ICSD) records millennial investors or under 30 years of age throughout 2018 to grow 11%.


ICSD President Director Friderica Widyasari Dewi said the increase was supported by technological developments. "Interestingly, there are more and more young investors. Last year was around 28% while this year was 39%," Friderica said on Thursday (12/27).


In her 2018 achievement report, the demographics of individual investors were dominated by millennials as much as 39.72%, followed by investors aged 31-40 years at 25.34%, age 41 years-50 years 18.69%, age 51 -60 year and the lowest is investors with age above 60 years as much as 5.56%. Meanwhile, by sex, the majority are still men, 59.13%, while women are 40.87%. moreover, the majority of investors or 58.34% have income ranging from IDR 10 million to IDR 100 million, with the category of employment most or 58.27% are employees (private, civil servants and teachers). "The increase in the number of investors is an accumulation of hard work from all parties to attract young investors," he said.


As of Wednesday (26/12) ICSD recorded the number of Single Investor Identification (SID) investors grew 44% to 1,613,165 SID. This amount is the consolidated number of Single Investor Identification (SID) from investors in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Government Securities (GS) and other Securities registered at ICSD.


The composition is 851,662 SIDs own stock assets, 988,946 SIDs own mutual fund assets and 195.119 own state securities. The total assets recorded in C-BEST as of December 26, 2018 were dominated by 54.71% local ownership. This percentage increased from the previous year (as of December 2017) in which local ownership reached 54.50%.


"The reason why SID number can reach 1.61 million or had 44% and 39% surge was because technology continues to grow. In the past, people had to call brokers, now they can buy and sell shares only with their cellphones," he said.


In addition, Friderica assessed the presence of North Sumatra as contributing to facilitate investors to buy mutual funds. Plus, the results of the regulator's socialization from campus to campus were shown by the presence of 300 investment galleries in the country until this year.


For next year, ICSD is preparing various efforts in order to return SID growth by as much as 40%. Furthermore, by implementing a simplification in the opening of securities accounts that can be done online, socializing access to new generation can provide more information to investors.


ICSD will also conduct studies for full dematerialization or scripless trade. With market capitalization value of Rp 6,900 trillion and as much as 4,100 trillion deposited in ICSD, a method is currently being worked on to increase the shares held in ICSD. Following the efforts to facilitate the key way see process in the stock market to help the market participants.


"Hopefully, it can attract those who have become investors and those who have not become investors," he said.


Editor: Catur waskito Edy