Canada Offers Investment in Education for Central Java

By : Suyono Sugondo, Semarang — a number of investments are offered to Central Java. Among them are in the field of education, energy and engineering.

"In human resource development sector, Canada is interested in Central Java’s potential educational investment. Hopefully, our education sector will be much better after co-operating with Canada." said Ganjar on Tuesday (6/8/2019).

The offer was delivered directly by the Canadian Ambassador for Indonesia, Peter MacArthur, during his visit to Central Java Governor's office in Semarang.

Ganjar said that, currently, the partnership in developing human resources through the world of education has been carried out by working hand-in-hand with Germany, Japan and Australia.

"It is in accordance with the President’s direction. Our vocational schools are currently working with Germany, Japan and Australia, "he said.

In terms of investment, Canada is not one of the top-tier countries which invest in Central Java. The country is still far below Japan, South Korea, Singapore, British Virgin Island and Malaysia.

Ganjar also explained that investment in Central Java grew 51 percent annually. In 2018, investment achievements in Central Java surged to 59.27%. Looking back, In 2017, the target was 41.7% while the actual achievement hit 51.54%. Meanwhile, achievement in 2016 of  38.18% also surpassed the 27.55% target.

"Water, gas and electricity are our major investment realizations. We consider building infrastructure, airports, and ports as our major priority. Jakarta’s, West Java’s and East Java’s density paves Central Java’s potential to be developed further. That is also one of the reasons why many prospective investors choose Central Java, "he said.

Peter MacArthur said that in order to upgrade the human resources sector, improving education is primary. "In accordance with the presidential mandate in human resources development, Canada will also be involved to work together" he said. Moreover, Canada currently has a network consisting of 34 vocational high schools throughout Indonesia. Three of them are in Central Java. Considering the government’ focus currently, it is possible to increase the number of educational institutions to work together. "Hopefully we can work together by improving each other's potential. Actually, both Canada and Central Java have promising potential."said Peter. (sug)




Stories from Russia


  Gubernur Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X menyerahkan becak kepada Penasihat Museum Ketimuran Rusia di Moskow, saat berlangsungnya Festival Indonesia di Moskow, Jumat (2/8 /2019)

Sunday, 4 August 2019 – Thousands of Russians visited the 4th Indonesian Festival since Friday (2/8/2019) afternoon, even before the event had officially been opened. It was officially opened on Friday afternoon at 18.00 local time or 22.00 WIB. The event itself was held in Krasnaya Presnya Park which was established in 1932. The 16.5 hectare Park is a historical and architectural monument, as well as a landscape monument built during the 18th – 19th century in the heart of Moscow, Russia.

The participants were Indonesian small and medium-sized businesses, including large companies with exported products. The FIM exhibition was enlivened by nearly 200 platforms with 1,200 participants from various backgrounds. It features various arts and cultures from various regions of Indonesia. Also, several workshops such as playing gamelan and shadow puppets, dancing and batik painting were held in this area. In addition, a fashion show was held and Indonesian baristas showcased their skills in brewing and serving the country’s finest java products. With the theme "Visit Wonderful Indonesia: Enjoy Your Tropical Paradise", FIM targeted around 140,000 visitors.


Here are some interesting stories from Festival Indonesia Moscow :

  • Russians favoured Semarang’s original best-selling biscuits

Ganjar Pranowo di Festival Indonesia Moscow (FIM) 2019, Rusia.

Fine Choice which is a biscuit product originated from Semarang regency sold surprisingly well by being invaded by more and more Russian visitors at the 2019 Moscow Indonesia Festival (FIM), Russia. Due to popular demand, the biscuits were immediately purchased as many as three containers or approximately IDR 1.5 billion. "We received a purchase of three containers with a value of IDR 500 million per container. Our buyer wants to market the product in supermarkets in Russia," said Irawati Lukito, Marketing Director of PT Choice Plus Makmur.


Surprisingly, Fine Choice biscuits cannot be found in any shops or minimarkets in Indonesia. By far, they have been exported overseas and sold online through e-commerce. Not only biscuits, other products from Central Java are also exhibited at FIM IV. For example, batik and striated fabrics, eyelashes, brown sugar, various fruit chips, jelly, wood crafts and bags, and coffee.

  • From Borobudur to Sangiran

Gubernur Jawa Tengah Ganjar Pranowo saat menghadiri Indonesia-Rusia Business Forum yang digelar di Hotel Ritz Carlton, Moscow, Kamis (1/8/2019).

Aside from the well-sold original products mentioned above, Central Java also promoted its tourism potential.

The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, offered several main tourist destinations such as Borobudur, Sangiran, Dieng and Karimunjawa. He stated that the number of Russian tourists visiting Central Java has indeed shown gentle increase. For example, the number of Russian tourists who came to Borobudur in 2016 was 3,149 visitors which grew to 4,209 and 4,428 in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

"Hopefully, this festival can attract more and more Russian visitors to enjoy the astonishing beauty of Central Java. Investment relation between Central Java and Russia will also be closer and provide more benefit for both sides," said the Governor.

  • Promoting Russia and Indonesia

Gubernur Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X menyerahkan becak kepada Penasihat Museum Ketimuran Rusia di Moskow, saat berlangsungnya Festival Indonesia di Moskow, Jumat (2/8 /2019)

Indonesian Ambassador for the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, M Wahid Supriyadi, highlighted that the festival was an integrated promotion for trade, investment, tourism and cultural arts. "This festival promotes two countries, Indonesia in Russia and Russia in Indonesia," he said.

The positive impact can be seen from the rising number of Russian tourists in Indonesia. "In 2016, there were 68,000 tourists. This number rose to 125,000 Russian tourists in the next two years," Wahid said. At the same time, the number of Indonesian tourists visiting Russia also continue to increase. "Data from the Russian Ministry of Tourism recorded 5000 Indonesian tourists coming to Russia in 2016. It increased to 31,000 visitors in the following two years" Wahid said.