Ganjar Received an Innovative Inflation Control Award

Two years in a row the Central Java Provincial Government received a national award in the field of inflation control. This year, Central Java was rewarded as an innovative inflation controller.

The award was handed by President Jokowi to Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (7/27). In addition to Central Java, regional innovative provincial inflation control (TPID) awards were also obtained by South Sumatra and East Java.

The Governor On Bank Indonesia, Agus Martowardojo, said the award was given because of innovation and achievement of Central Java in keeping inflation rate last year.

Thanks to good TPID performance, inflation rate in various regions in Indonesia is low. For example, the inflation rate in Java is only 2.9 percent, Kalimantan 3.4 percent, and Sumatra 4.53 percent. While in the eastern part of Indonesia , it is recorded that Sulawesi 2.27 percent, Bali Nusa southeast 2.93 percent, and Maluku Papua 3.07 percent.

"We are very appreciative of the policies adopted by the regional inflation control team which currently number 524, in 34 provinces and 490 districts / municipalities primarily in reaching, maintaining affordability, availability of supplies, smooth distribution and continuing communication to the community," he added.

Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, said he was pleased with the success of TPID to control inflation in Central Java. This achievement repeats the previous year where Central Java also won the best TPID champion.

He presented the award to the ranks of bureaucracy incorporated in TPID of Central Java Province.

"The great ones were the friends of TPID of Central Java," he said.

One of the Central Java keys in suppressing the inflation rate is to utilize information technology by making SiHaTi program (Information System Price and Commodity Products). The goal, to monitor and control inflation caused by volatile food.

Through this online application, both consumers and even farmers, can monitor price updates, requests, and offers, to map the distribution of the harvest. Farmers can inform the crops just via SMS.

"If you have a cell phone, don’t just use it to take your selfie pictures and then upload them. Instead, use it to look at the price, this middle man or intermediary runs fast. We want to approach the farmers but a third party already bought from them, this is to overcome the inflation that often arise, "said Ganjar.

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