Indonesian Umbrella Festival 2017

The Indonesian Umbrella Festival is an agenda supported by the Ministry of Tourism and will be held at Balekambang Park, Jl. Balekambang No. 1, Banjarsari, Solo, Central Java. This festival brings together the creative industries of umbrella creation, activists of carnival artists and the community to preserve the art of umbrella craft in Indonesia.

Choosing Taman Balekambang Solo, has a reason for this park has a historical value for the city of Surakarta.

In this Umbrella Festival event, there will also be an Umbrella Market as the core of the event.

There are also Umbrella Carnival, Solo Dance Festival, Umbrella Dance Performance, Umbrella Fashion Show, Exhibition and Photo Contest, Workshop and Umbrella Painting, Workshop and Reflection, and Workshop of World Culture Forum.

The Umbrella Festival event will be held on 15 -17 September 2017.

Do not need to worry about the tickets, because tourists are not charged to enjoy the Umbrella Festival.