Four Years in a Row, Central Java Received A Traffic Management Award

For the fourth times in a row since 2013 until 2016, the Central Java Provincial Government won the Wahana Tata Nugraha (WTN) Wiratamtama trophy.

The award is for his achievements in managing the development and fostering the Regency / City in managing the good traffic.

WTN Wiratamama trophy 2016 handed over by Vice President Jusuf Kalla to Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, at the Vice Presidential Palace, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2017).

In addition to being accepted by the Governor, the awards were also given to the Central Java Police Chief and Head of the Central Java Transportation Office.

Regional Secretary of Central Java Province, Sri Puryono KS said, although it has been obtained for the fourth time, the award is still special. All that cannot be separated from the active role of society and the performance of his staff is increasing. Especially in providing services to the community.

"We've got that award many times, it's amazing for us, it shows that in the transportation sector, we can manage well, more importantly, the society is able to be disciplined and orderly in the traffic so that everyone feels comfortable. Crash rates continue to decline "he said

Head of Central Java Provincial Office of Transportation, Satriyo Hidayat added, in addition to the Central Java Provincial Government, some districts in Central Java won the WTN Kencana Award. They are the City of Surakarta (Big City), Semarang City (City), Pati District, Purwokerto Banyumas (Medium City).

Following, there are Kudus District, Jepara Regency, Sragen Regency, Wonogiri Regency, and Sukoharjo Regency (Small Town).

For regencies / municipalities of Kota Sedang (Medium City) category that won WTN traffic category are Salatiga, Tegal, Pekalongan, Magelang, and Semarang Regency.

The winners of WTN in the category of Small Town are Kendal, Klaten, Boyolali, Rembang, Magelang, Wonosobo, Cilacap, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara and Karanganyar.