Central Java Crab Export Dominating 18 Countries

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG - Exports of 'crab' products in Central Java able to penetrate 18 countries markets on the Australia continent o, Asia, Europe and America. In the lastthree years, the export volume also increased significantly.

It is said by the Head of Semarang KIPM Hall, Raden Gatot Perdana, crab meat / crab is very popular and widely used in various dishes and cuisine preparations around the world. "Because the taste is smooth, tasty, and slightly sweet," he said, Thursday (2/11).

These commodities are generally produced from the type of chocolate crab (Cancer pagurus), blue crab (Callinectes sapidus), small blue crab (Portunus pelagicus), as well as red rajungan (Portunus haanii). Besides obtained in fresh, the released meat from the shell is generally packaged to be processed into cans packaging products.

Based on data released by the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry through Balai KIPM Class II Semarang, crabmeat exports certified commodities through Balai KIPM Class II Semarang during the period of 2015 until 2017 has already reached inn 18 countries markets.

Like as America, Australia, Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, South Korea, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, China, and Vietnam.

Trends increase in volume of crabmeat export activities in some countries over the last three years. "South Korea is the started country asking for crabmeat products from Indonesia since 2016," he said.

Gatot added, the Indonesia's exports value to this country shows an increase each year. In 2016 the export volume of crab meat / crab to South Korea only reached 506 kilograms.

Moreover, until October 2017 the volume increased quite fantastic to 52,693 kg, with the value reached 13.1 billion rupiahs. An upward trend also occurs in crabmeat export values ​​in Hong Kong and Singapore destinations.

He also said the export value increasement is one of the positive impact of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Regulation No. 56 2016 implementation onLobsters, Crabs and Rajungan Prohibition and Expenditure from NKRI.