KERIS JATENG’s All-in Efforts to Boost Regional Economic by maximizing

Semarang – several progressive, innovative and creative efforts have been done to boost Central Java’s economic in order to achieve better and brighter future. Central Java’s Economic Corridor; Trade, Tourism and Investment (KERIS JATENG) is certainly on of them.

“As an integrated source of information and promotion for trade, tourism and investment in Central Java, it is essential to map clean and clear potential investment projects which are ready to be offered globally to domestic and foreign investors spread throughout the province” said Central Java Provincial Secretary, Sri Puryono opening KERIS JATENG High Level Meeting at Bank of Indonesia Representative Office in Central Java on Thursday (2/5/2019).

Furthermore, he highlighted that KERIS is a coordinating forum between all related provincial government officials and the Bank of Indonesia established to strengthen investment service, promotion and policy to be more professional and pro-active in attracting investors while improving global competitiveness and achieving high level of economic growth.



“Improving Central Java’s competitiveness can be achieved by succesfully managing the three pillars, namely trade, tourism and investment. Thus, designing the road map to improve the performance in those sectors is inevitable” he added.

Sri Puryono who also chairs KERIS JATENG further stated that investment plays significant and strategic role in regional development. Moreover, in 2018, Central Java received the investment award. By having more and more investment, all related components in improving the province global economic will find their places. Therefore, it opens more job opportunities and reduces the number of unemployments and poverty.

Central Java holds various potential investments spread in all regencies and cities coming from  primary, secondary to tertiary sectors worth to be developed. Tourism is one of those strong points.

Currently, Central Java possesses 467 tourist destination consisting of 148 natural objects, 85 cultural objects, 117 artificial objects, 19 special interest objects and 98 events. Also, there are several destinations such as Borobudur, Karimunjawa, Dieng and Sangiran included in the National Strategic Tourist Area. Those destinations are supported in terms of accessibility by the Jogja-Solo-Semarang (Joglosemar) connectivity.

In trade, some improving steps have been taken especially in SMEs which are one of the strategic sectors to surpress the level of poverty and unemployment. Central Java’s Bureau of Statistic has noted that out of 4.17 millions companies in the province, 98.98% are
SMEs in the last decade.

“Meanwhile, the remaining 42.48 thousand or 1.02% are medium and major scale companies. Hence, numerous efforts need to be conducted by working together to improve Central Java’s SMEs” he added.

Hopefully, the forum can be the media for furhter discussion, brainstroming and finding solution to create a guideline in improving trade, tourism and investment in Central Java. This guideline act as the reference in making decision and arranging strategy to conquer the challenge.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Bank of Indonesia Representative Office in Central Java, Soekowardojo, implied that several attempts in improving regional economic have also been done by other provinces in the country. Most regions offer their potential by involving various elements in the society as investment and economic stability is the society’s primary need.

“KERIS JATENG initiated by Central Java Provincial Government and Bank of Indonesia integrates all strength and resources. Thus it must house all related elements needed to improve the province’s overall economic growth” he added.

The program to improve competitiveness in trade, tourism and investment consist of improving the quality of potential regional products, improving the quality and the quantity of SMEs, developing tourist villages, and participating at doomestic and international business forums.

In this opportunity, Soekowardojo explained KERIS JATENG’s mission which is to build a reliable and continuous information and database center, improving global competitiveness level and engaging in global supply chains by maximizing local potential, product’s quality and holding national and global scale integrated promotional events. (Central Java Provincial Public Relations)