IDX Semarang Will Open Investment Gallery in Traditional Market, SEMARANG - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) representative in Semarang will soon open Investment Galleries in traditional markets as a mean of capital market education for the public. Traditional market has been the center of economy for the citizens with a fairly large scale of money circulation.

"Culturally, these traders are closely associated with investment. For small traders, the  transactions value can range between Rp1 million and Rp2 million, and there are a lot of traders there," said the Head of IDX Semarang, Fanny Rifqi El Fuad during "Integrated Capital Market Education and Development of Capital Market Sector "at OJK Regional Office 3 Central Java and Yogyakarta, Semarang, Friday (2/3/2018).

The existence of traditional markets in some areas is very strategic in term of economic development. Moreover, almost every region has more than one traditional market, so that the money circulation will be greater. The market becomes a meeting place for traders and buyers to make transactions.

"The money circulation in traditional markets is also tremendous, not only traders, who come into the market seeking for a way to climb the ladder, but also buyers, with income to spend. For starter, Peterongan and Sampangan traditional market will act as the initial pilot projcet.

He added that the establishment of Investment Gallery in traditional markets does not only act as a tool to educate people or community, but also as a tool for students to apply their knowledge. This was the result of the current Investment Galleries which are only available in several universities in Central java.

"By far we have formed 15 Investment galleries on campuses in Central Java, it's time we go to the public to educate the capital market, at the same time it can be a place for students to implement their knowledge," he said.