Govt: Industry 4.0 will Likely Create 10 Mn Jobs

TEMPO.COYogyakarta - Industry Ministry predicted the implementation of Industry Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia would likely create 10 million jobs until 2030.

“There will be 10 million jobs by the implementation of Industry 4.0 until 2030,” said the Ministry’s head of Industrial Research and Development Agency, Ngakan Timur Antara, on the sideline of the International Conference at Yogyakarta today, July 3.

Ngakan explained that by 2030, the number of Indonesian workers could reach up to 30 million. The high figure would be a national challenge hence industrial revolution should be soon applied considering it would absorb 20 million workers in a bid to overcome the issue.

Many things must have been prepared for implementing the industry 4.0. Ngakan mentioned education on human resources is the first vital factor to be prepared and also related infrastructures by using digitalization as well as applying a system of modern logistics.

He went on to say that Indonesia could implement the logistic system 4.0 like Singapore that had applied it earlier. By which, the distribution of the goods could be done automatically.“The efficiency of the production is the key of the implementation of industry 4.0,” Ngakan noted. Ngakan further mentioned the added value of industry sector to Indonesian gross domestic product (GDP) was ranked at fourth in global with contribution rate at 22 percent. The country with the largest contribution is South Korea with 29 percent followed by China at 27 percent, and Germany at 23 percent.